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It's been a long time since I last updated. I meant to fix that soonish and it seems I am doing so now but with something unexpected.

I'm going through some rather serious health problems in that I have had to withdraw from school for a year to deal with them. That's also why I haven't touched this very much. I've been focused on getting better and I've even scaled back from RPing. That said, LJ has been a nice refuge for me to forget about my health problems. Unfortunately this is no longer the case.

The new layout change LJ has instituted is giving me migraines. I've tried work arounds but no go and even if they did work I find I am no longer comfortable here. LJ has made it clear they will not change back and they have even gone so far to dismiss any claims that their new layout can trigger headaches and migraines and is not ADA suitable. They say that we are lying. They say that I am lying.

I am quite used to hearing this and so it does not bother me as much as it used to. But I cannot support this site or even remain her in any fashion.

This journal will be transferred here. The entries are still being imported. I will need to do some tweaks to the data, include trigger warnings and edit tags but I needed to do that anyway. Which is a nice segue into the next announcement. That journal will not be updated. I no longer feel entirely comfortable with some of my writing and yes, at times embarrassed. Although to be honest I mostly just don't feel like a "gaymuffin" so to speak and want a different username. My current writing won't be that much different from the last few things I've written and posted here. I won't take any of my old writing down but I will be moving to a new journal for any further writing and icon updates. (This Will be the new one, if you're curious. It's bare bones at the moment as I'd rather finish up all loose ends here before working on it.)

Thank you everyone for all your compliments, interest, and in some cases I think I'm safe to say friendship. I hope I'll see you all again. You're certainly welcome to continue watching me and commenting over there.

And so I will end in one of the traditional nerd farewells:

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Hey look, a post
Hark! A tumblr! Celebrating old comic goodness.

I'm sorry I've been horribly unproductive. I'd upload icons but I'm wary of pushing LJ too hard just yet. I just have to get over my hangups and start writing stuff again.

RP list
School (and life) has left me so burnt out I'm having trouble even catching up with my RPGs. As such, I probably won't be doing much her for a while- although I will attempt fics later if I can kick myself hard enough.

Since I've been putting more focus into games and plots and whatever, I figure I might as well put the links up here for them.

Oh, and for those of you I mentioned starting up a Marvel game to... yeah, that's been put on hold as I somehow ended up modding a game. So I'm putting modly energies into trying to keep that one rolling. One of these days, though... Maybe I should just start it up as a dressing room.

Anyway my list of games and characters I play there. I'll have to add more here later as two more games will be starting later.

Cassie Lang/Stature magnetlips
Daimon Hellstrom/Son of Satan agoodomen (I really need a rename token or something)
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch w1tchywoman
Querl Dox/Brainiac 5 (DC threeboot) level12headache
Liz Sherman (Hellboy movies) gaveareason
Loren (Animorphs) visserbasher
Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft) aboutthatevac

Cassie Lang/Stature magnetlips
Coat of Arms 6armedfangirl
Henry Pym big_pympin
Oubliette evillaracroft
Sofia Mantega/Wind Dancer ayasofia
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch w1tchywoman
X-23 clonadian, etc.

The sad thing is how many journals I have for characters I want to play.

If you want to leave crit for one of these characters, you can just put it up on Stature's HMD here since I haven't gone through and put up HMDs on every lj.

Nonspoilers for Children's Crusade
Heinberg, you are full of disappointments.

Also blah. I wanted to get some writing done this spring break but somehow I've managed to put off all my homework and studying for the weekend. Smart move, self.

Uncomfortable Plot Summary
You know the site that has a list of uncomfortable plot summaries for movies and the like? For instance, one of the summaries for Aliens is "Unexpected pregnancy ends in complications."

I came up with one for the first arc of Young Avengers.
Midlife crisis ends in suicide.

Also check out loveisforsouls a new Wanda/Vizh community. I enabled someone in my previous post. THE LOVE MUST SPREAD.

Things I am doing instead of my paper- the continuing saga.

I've got two lovebars I've been sitting on for some time and one that I redid just now at the last second. Also, I have no idea where to post this. Anyone have suggestions?

Scarlet Witch/VisionCollapse )

Daimon Hellstrom/Patsy WalkerCollapse )

Cassie and JonasCollapse )

tl;dr rant about how there are hints that Marvel will not hold to the separation of Visions (Jonas is different than Vision)Collapse )

Because I fail at productivity, a snippet of a fic. Feedback more than welcome!
Things I am doing instead of my paper number 507. A snippet of the Wanda/Vision AU fic (that has formed into an entire AU world in my mind). The main thing that's AU for Wanda is that Magneto was able to save Anya, and so Magda didn't run off while pregnant. Lorna is still in their family but another daughter of Magda and Magneto (because I couldn't really see Magneto as cheating on Magda and I needed Magda around longer). So when Magneto met Xavier they decided to form the X-men together and things went well until Magda was killed in some tragic circumstances I don't yet know. Anya was also injured and Magneto just went ballistic. So his kids (except possibly Lorna) left the X-men to make sure their father didn't do anything seriously dumb (which he did). And so the first time Wanda and Vision met she was fighting the Avengers because "noes, don't kill my daddy!" "We're not trying to kill him." "I don't believe you." "Wanda, look at my diamond hard synthezoid body. Would I lie?" "Ooooh. How hard did you say it was again." "As hard as diamonds." "Obebi, do you have any openings on the Avengers?"

...What? It's Thanksgiving break. I'm allowed to be funny.

Long story short (because that'd be giving away the whole AU plot thing which I might do anyway later on) they get married and yay. Happy times. Except for some really traumatizing events. Including the one that follows after Chthon possesses Wanda (because I love Chthon plots). With some help, Wanda kicks him out of her body but at a terrible cost (I used that phrase for maximum drama just now). DUNDUNDUUUUN Sorry, I shouldn't have had that ice cream.

Oh yeah, the question mark by Wanda's last name is because I haven't settled on what last name she should have. Eisenhardt? Magnus? Not leaning toward Lensherr because he took that some time after he killed people when his daughter died. Avoiding trouble with the law and all.

Read more...Collapse )

205 Vision icons
I have so many Vision (1.) icons uploaded on photobucket I couldn't even post them all. I will later but for the purposes of this post? Just 205. Let me know if your bandwidth dies and I'll break it up into smaller posts. (I was going to post 250 but apparently it was too much for lj to handle.) Of course I wouldn't have this problem if I could make up my mind when it came to what crop to go with (way to go, self).

I love this synthezoid. I dream about him coming back to life and getting back together with Wanda.

...No, seriously. I do. Not an exaggeration. I also dream about writing for Marvel. Never gonna happen. But that's why I RP.

Enjoy the 205 Vision iconsCollapse )

Avengers Children Crusade 3
My no spoiler review:


Edit for more depth: Since when did the team become the Billy Brigade?

Nothing of importance
Note to self: Make posts showing scans of how awesome the Son of Satan was.

Also, don't read modern comics with him in it please for the love of God.

Also also Avengers Children Crusade I haven't read you yet but what? Seriously?

And I think I'll have to give up and just upload all my icons onto photobucket and just link you guys outright to the folders because oh my God I have way too many. I know I can never have too many Wanda icons but I'm starting to reconsider.

I have this feeling once my papers are over I am going to want to write a lot of AU fics.

Cassie and Jonas icons
Cassie and Jonas icons, most of them from the last two issues of Children's Crusade. Including nun!Jonas. 59 icons total.

So, before I get to the icons I have a brief question which I maybe should have done a poll for but I'm tired. It's become apparent that I'm never going to fill in the gaps between my YA nanowrimo story from about two years ago. Should I just go ahead and post it, with some brief notes on what took place between the scenes I have written out? I'm leaning toward yes here. Maybe try and fill in a few more scenes, give it a glanceover, and post it so it's not just sitting on my harddrive accumulating dust.

And now icons.Collapse )

Someone just read the second issue of Avengers Children Crusade
No spoilers here. But the end? OH MY GOD! I think I've fallen in love with Heinberg all over again. Seriously, I was putting off reading it because I thought it was going to suck and I just have this general malaise and/or disgust with Marvel but duuuuuude. I TOTALLY APPROVE OF THIS.

And whoa. Yeah. I meant to post icons over the summer. Of course I meant to finish some AUs over the summer. I think I'll probably just post the mostly finished one and put together summaries of what is skipped in the sections I haven't written yet. Most of my energy was focused in getting this plot that had been in the works for almost a year finished at trans_9 and dude. Totally worth it. There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tear that I poured into that- well, O.K. maybe just sweat- but it was a lot of fretting and work and it turned out great, I'm told. So I'm happy.

Well, except for school. Can't win them all.

Wherein I actually deliver, Wanda/Vision "drabble"
Wanda/Vision drabble if by drabble you mean under 500 words. Prompt was discussing private school for their offspring.

Read onCollapse )

Summer break- wherein nothing is done
I forgot how going on break completely drains you of any productivity.

So, yeah I'm not sure about the drabble thing which I will try to do. And it's still open, but considering the time frame I'm working with more restricted to when they're not married and don't have kids.

Uh, right. What was I going to say.

Oh right, Avengers Children Crusade... you know, as much as I want to enjoy it, and I did enjoy it, I just can't help but feel like this is all going to end badly. I blame Marvel. Also I enjoyed it more when I wasn't reading Marvel and didn't have to put up with current shit at all.

Although OMG I squeed when I saw Tommy using a Vision power. Phasing through the wall, anyone? come on that's awesome man!

And I'm feeling drained RP wise. Going through one of those paranoid about how I'm playing funks combined with the summer brain drain. Combined with the realization that I really should be working on original fiction instead of RP or fanfics but these things never leave my brain. I'll work something out somehow and actually be productive someday.

I have a bunch of icons that have been uploaded for a while and I just haven't gotten around to doing the HTML.

Maybe I should actually do another sim post next.

Since I've been trying to fill out some more of this Wanda/Vizh AU idea I have and I'm running into some problems, give me a comment with some kind of prompt. It can be just a word or an idea for a basic scene (with room open for the specifics) and I'll try and fill out a drabble (at the least) for it.

You don't have to like Wanda/Vizh to leave a comment. It's mostly for me to get my bearings and inspiration. Although if you like Wanda/Vision well, then, bonus!

In other news I decided to tie in the AU to my previous nanowrimo AU idea which also still needs working. So now at least I can call it productive for my nano as well since it's like... the background or something.

Also also I'm finally on summer break (summer classes, fun) and OMG free time! Now I have no excuses not to post icons and stuff.

YA Icons
little android
So yes, there are a lot of icons I haven't yet posted (as always) of the Young Avengers but this is what you get.

And yeah, I have to confess I am not looking forward to the YA mini. I mean, I'm hopeful but I'm expecting the worst. I think the only things that could make me happy is if Iron Lad/Young!Kang showed up (Oh my God you have no idea how badly I wanted that) and/or Vision 1.0 comes back and he and Wanda can make out. Seriously, Marvel has driven me off it until Quesada and Bendis LEAVE. I don't want Bendis near Wanda period. Or uhm, any characters that I like. Or most characters. I feel that way about a lot of writers. My mom made this comment while we were setting up my Wanda statue after she asked me if Marvel had any women writers and I drew a blank because, really, it doesn't. And she said "Well I can think of one they need." And I just laughed because it'll never happen. God, they just need new writers in general. GOOD writers.

Wow, sorry, tl;dr. Here are the 45 icons.Collapse )

I keep meaning to post icons but school keeps hitting me hard. And when I'm not doing school stuff I'm doing RP. Or I'm cuddling the stray kittens we took in trying to get them used to people (anyone want a kitten?).

And then there are the fics just waiting to be finished. The Wanda/Vizh AU will take forever I'd be better off doing short drabbles from it. And smut. Smut is always good.

Speaking of Wanda and Vision that really kinky statue of them (see icon) is MINE. I don't care if Wanda's breasts are hideously large and I get the urge to stick a needle in and deflate them. It's still awesome.

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

Question can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

In lieu of something actually productive
I saw Iron Man 2. It was, of course, awesome. And there were several moments where I squeed loud enough that it was obvious to everyone in the theater I was a comics geek. Won't get into detail because spoilers, but yeah.

Also, they were handing out surveys of what we thought of the movie and on it I wrote down "Not enough Scott Lang." Come on man, that would make my year! Maybe next time.

And no, self, you are not going to play movie verse Happy. You always hate (O.K., hates a strong word, maybe more like irritated) when places get flooded after a movie when they don't really know the canon and YOU don't really know the canon. You'll want to read all those Iron Man issues which you DON'T have time for and then you'll fall in love with a character who was killed off. So no. Bad idea. Play your other bajillion characters and work on fic.

Also hello, a meme. Name me a fandom and I will tell you my...

* Favorite Character:
* Least Favorite Character:
* Character with the best hair:
* Character with the best eyes:
* Character I'd most want to kiss:
* Character I'd most likely screw:
* Character I'd make lunch:
* Character I'd go singing in the rain with:
* Character I'd go shopping with:
* Character I'd go dancing with:
* Character I'd take over the world with:
* Character I'd most want to cosplay as:
* Favorite M/M pairing:
* Favorite F/F pairing:
* Favorite M/F Pairing:

Crusader icons
From a What If issue- What If the heroes stayed in Secret Wars, 25 years later. Crusader is Sarah Rogers, the daughter of Cap and Rogue/Carol Danvers in Rogue's body (it's weird). Sarah not only gets her father's shield but can weild Mjolnir.

58 iconsCollapse )


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