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Because I fail at productivity, a snippet of a fic. Feedback more than welcome!

Things I am doing instead of my paper number 507. A snippet of the Wanda/Vision AU fic (that has formed into an entire AU world in my mind). The main thing that's AU for Wanda is that Magneto was able to save Anya, and so Magda didn't run off while pregnant. Lorna is still in their family but another daughter of Magda and Magneto (because I couldn't really see Magneto as cheating on Magda and I needed Magda around longer). So when Magneto met Xavier they decided to form the X-men together and things went well until Magda was killed in some tragic circumstances I don't yet know. Anya was also injured and Magneto just went ballistic. So his kids (except possibly Lorna) left the X-men to make sure their father didn't do anything seriously dumb (which he did). And so the first time Wanda and Vision met she was fighting the Avengers because "noes, don't kill my daddy!" "We're not trying to kill him." "I don't believe you." "Wanda, look at my diamond hard synthezoid body. Would I lie?" "Ooooh. How hard did you say it was again." "As hard as diamonds." "Obebi, do you have any openings on the Avengers?"

...What? It's Thanksgiving break. I'm allowed to be funny.

Long story short (because that'd be giving away the whole AU plot thing which I might do anyway later on) they get married and yay. Happy times. Except for some really traumatizing events. Including the one that follows after Chthon possesses Wanda (because I love Chthon plots). With some help, Wanda kicks him out of her body but at a terrible cost (I used that phrase for maximum drama just now). DUNDUNDUUUUN Sorry, I shouldn't have had that ice cream.

Oh yeah, the question mark by Wanda's last name is because I haven't settled on what last name she should have. Eisenhardt? Magnus? Not leaning toward Lensherr because he took that some time after he killed people when his daughter died. Avoiding trouble with the law and all.

Vision caught her as she fell, solidifying to take the brunt of the impact. “Wanda?!” He didn’t notice his own injuries, concerned only for his wife. There wasn’t as much as a scratch on her body. Her heart beat. She breathed. The only thing physically wrong was her pale skin, slowly returning to its natural color. But her eyes— her eyes were still, vacant and unseeing.

“Wanda, please…” Cradling her in one arm, Vision brushed her face. She blinked but it was only a reflex. Not taking his eyes off her, Vision screamed. “STRANGE!”

I am working. Strange’s voice came from no body, astral or otherwise, rather it was all around Vision. And if Vision didn’t feel the psychic turbulence around him, it was because of the turmoil in his own soul.

Keep calling for her.

And so Vision did, saying her name over and over in a frantic chant. He didn’t know how much time had passed. He was only vaguely aware of the Avengers gathering around him. He didn’t even realize his was crying until his tears fell onto Wanda’s cheek.

I have done what I can. Strange said finally.

But there was no change. None.

When Strange arrived he could barely walk straight, supported by Clea. He pressed a blood stained tissue against his nose. His breathing was labored.


“I don’t know how she will be.” Strange interrupted Vision, avoiding the synthezoid’s gaze. “We should talk in the Mansion.”


“There’s no easy way to say this. As you saw, Chthon is a powerful entity. The Scarlet Witch fought harder and longer than would be expected of any mortal, even me. In the struggle against Chthon, the force of expelling him form her body and undoing the damage she had caused to the fabric of reality itself— the force… shattered her soul. I kept what I could within her body. In time, there’s a good chance it will mend but to what extent I can’t say. She may never regain consciousness but at least this way her soul can reform itself so that when her body passes her soul will be more than fragments.” He paused. “I’m sorry. I wish I could do more. After what she’s done, Wanda deserves a far better fate.”

There was a long moment of silence until Cap spoke. “When you say her soul…”

“I mean everything that is Wanda Eisendhardt. (?) Her personality, her will, her spirit, everything. Given her strength, I have high hopes that she will recover but it will be a long process.”
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