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So I came across something that hints that Jonas has feelings for Wanda. He doesn't answer Cassie's question in some Mighty Avengers panel and Brevoort says we'll find out in Avengers Children Crusade. O.K., ignoring the fact that Cornell beautifully established Jonas as his own person.


Do they seriously not get how CREEPY it would be to have Jonas, who presents himself and identifies as a teen btw, to still have elements of the (maturity wise) MUCH OLDER Vision? While DATING A YOUNG TEENAGER.

Ignoring the fact that Heinberg himself established that while he has Vision's programming he has Iron Lad's memories and brain patterns?

Oh yeah, and did I mention HOW CREEPY IT WOULD BE? I did? WELL I SAID IT AGAIN.

Plus how do they explain Vision being back in Chaos War: Dead Avengers? (Which makes me want to cry btw, my poor Vision. I hope so much that he comes back and gets back with Wanda. But I know it's not going to happen.)

Yeah. I know I gave up on Marvel before, but it was actually enticing me again. What with Thanos Imperative having a beautiful Wanda/Vizh scene. And then Avengers Children Crusade was looking good until the last issue. But that just puts the nail in the coffin, because then it screws up with Cassie and Jonas. And turning Jonas into a perv is ew. And then breaking Cassie completely is just uuuuugh. I love my Cass and I absolutely HATED how she was written in Mighty Avengers (actually I hated how most everyone was written in that).

Why oh why Heinberg couldn't have written about Young Kang coming back. Cause DAMN I would have bought the shit out of that. Now I just have to sigh and wish Wanda just stayed out of comics until the suck went away... oh wait, it probably never will.

So long new Marvel comics, been nice knowing you. I'll go back to reading my oldschool comics.

...Wow, listen to me. I sound so... unhinged. Oooh at least this will make for a more interesting paper on my fan feelings about Wanda for my anthropology class. Nothing like going on a tangent of nerdy rage.
Tags: marvel sucks, rant
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