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Things I am doing instead of my paper- the continuing saga.

I've got two lovebars I've been sitting on for some time and one that I redid just now at the last second. Also, I have no idea where to post this. Anyone have suggestions?

Scarlet Witch/Vision
Do I really need to give any preamble for these two? My OTP of all time. Best comic romance ever, in my opinion.

The Scarlet Witch/Vision
Love Is for Souls

Daimon Hellstrom/The Son of Satan and Patsy Walker/Hellcat
Most people know Daimon from after his character was dragged through the mud and mangled so terribly I fear the damage is irreparable. The Daimon I know and love is the one who struggles between his human side, the side of him that is a devout Catholic who almost became a priest and his demonic darksoul. Totally awesome concept there different from the other run of the mill characters we see today. I keep meaning to do a series run of "When the Son of Satan Was Awesome" but school. Anyway, he and Patsy were very cute (if rushed) in Defenders. Daimon was (and still is?) over the moon for her.

Daimon Hellstrom/Patsy Walker is love

Stature/Cassie Lang and Vision 2.0/Jonas
This pairing is currently tied with Cassie/Iron Lad when it comes to my second favorite OTP. I'd say more but I might end up continuing my rant from the last post. I need a breather. XD At least for now they are a very cute couple and a lot of fun to RP.

Cassie/Jonas is love

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