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Putting the ink in kinky

21 April
I am the Muffin, and this is my fic/sims craziness journal. I post marvel icons, Marvel sims shenanigans when I can sort through all the pictures, and of course fics.

After the introduction to the comic book Young Avengers (my first comic love) I am now obsessed with it. So I now write Young Avengers (and other comics) fanfiction. And I'm working on Avengers fics as well.

I love cracky old school comics- Avengers, Defenders, for some reason not X-men yet but I'm sure I'll get to reading that eventually.

I'm one of those fans companies love to hate. Intelligent (and apparently arrogant, oops), well versed in comic history, old school comics lover, and opinionated. I have well thought out reasons behind my opinions and I am very vocal when it comes to expressing them, although not always coherently.

And remember, kids.
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The Scarlet Witch/Vision
Love Is for Souls

Cassie/Jonas is love

Daimon Hellstrom/Patsy Walker is love
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