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RP list

School (and life) has left me so burnt out I'm having trouble even catching up with my RPGs. As such, I probably won't be doing much her for a while- although I will attempt fics later if I can kick myself hard enough.

Since I've been putting more focus into games and plots and whatever, I figure I might as well put the links up here for them.

Oh, and for those of you I mentioned starting up a Marvel game to... yeah, that's been put on hold as I somehow ended up modding a game. So I'm putting modly energies into trying to keep that one rolling. One of these days, though... Maybe I should just start it up as a dressing room.

Anyway my list of games and characters I play there. I'll have to add more here later as two more games will be starting later.

Cassie Lang/Stature magnetlips
Daimon Hellstrom/Son of Satan agoodomen (I really need a rename token or something)
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch w1tchywoman
Querl Dox/Brainiac 5 (DC threeboot) level12headache
Liz Sherman (Hellboy movies) gaveareason
Loren (Animorphs) visserbasher
Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft) aboutthatevac

Cassie Lang/Stature magnetlips
Coat of Arms 6armedfangirl
Henry Pym big_pympin
Oubliette evillaracroft
Sofia Mantega/Wind Dancer ayasofia
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch w1tchywoman
X-23 clonadian, etc.

The sad thing is how many journals I have for characters I want to play.

If you want to leave crit for one of these characters, you can just put it up on Stature's HMD here since I haven't gone through and put up HMDs on every lj.
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